Happy Halloween!!!

If you know me, than you know how much I love Halloween! It can be a fun time to expand out of your comfort zone, or, a spooky time to explore the darker side of who you think you are?   What I enjoy most about Halloween is that it makes no qualms about being something that it’s not, because that what it is all about, being something that your not!

So, I was at my acupuncturist office getting a treatment (yes, of course I have an acupuncturist). AND, I had a thought, “can vampires feel?” (He was doing some aggressive needling), that is, do they actually have physical sensation?  After all, they are considered undead, dead but animate.  So, they can move, think, hunt, have emotions and feed. BUT, one of the key physical descriptions of Vampires is that they are cold to the touch, and, they are also pale.  The other key description is that they must consume blood constantly!

This is very intriguing, from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. When we look at a patient, we don’t categorize them by disease or illness, rather, we look at them from the perspective of a “patterns of disharmony”. By using this terminology, we are framing the patient’s health in such a way we are seeking what is out of harmony, out balance. Which requires looking at all the organs that are in a constant dynamic with one another, because it’s a rare moment in Chinese Medicine that it’s about just one organ.  If the stomach is not functioning, then, it could be because of the it’s dynamic with the liver, or kidneys, or both. 

Now, blood is a special substance in the body because it is both physical and spiritual by nature.  You see, blood and qi are considered married.  As the saying goes, Qi governs blood, and Blood is the mother of Qi.  Which means, that blood houses the qi (amongst a number other places in the body), being one of the vehicles for qi to get around the body.  Qi governing the blood means it is directing the blood where to go, where they are most needed.  But, I digress…….

Vampires need blood, a LOT OF BLOOD! OR, are they actually in need of Qi?  YEEESSSSSSS, now the conversation is getting interesting!   You see, that as blood is pumped through out the body, the Hearth stamps consciousness into the blood, or, as we call it “Shen”.  This is how we theorize the ability of a person being able to feel their toes, because their consciousness or awareness is in their blood even though there maybe nerve damage.  So, there is not only qi/energy in the blood, but consciousness/shen as well! 

If Vampires are the “undead”, then it would stand to reason that it’s not just blood that they need, it’s ENERGY, SHEER LIFE, that they need.  That qi/energy which is infused with Shen/consciousness is more precious than the actual blood.  It is what keeps us (and them) alive.  Qi is necessary for warming and transforming substances in the body.  Qi keeps the bodily functions in motion.  

BUT, one has to wonder, when consuming all that qi and blood what affect will it have on the Vampire’s consciousness?  Will it make them happy, sad, angry, all the above?  I venture to say that each time a Vampire consumes the blood and qi of a person a little part of the consciousness becomes infused. One could speculate they become almost schizophrenic.  How else could we explain a Vampire’s melancholy ways! Their emotions are all over place because they have too many of them from numerous victims!  But, it is fair to assume that their physiology is designed to absorb the shen of others, to some degree.  And, I am also sure there are a few who are allergic to different types of personalities, thus having a difficult time assimilating the shen of that “type” of person.  But, alas, that is a subject for another time.