The workplace can be a demanding environment on one’s faculties. Demanding deadlines, pressures from the competition, keeping up quality and quantity production can make keeping the mind clear, emotions stable and maintaining sanity a challenge.

When the emotional response is inadequate or excessive, that is, we don’t have the band width to deal, we begin to experience stress.  Understanding the role of the vagus nerve in physiological responses to stress means having another ace up our sleeve in order to work on emotional tuning and self-control. 

The correct tools and proper skill set are available to handle these day to day challenges. Through unique ancient  meditation techniques the parasympathetic nervous system can be engaged appropriately that will allow a neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, to be released, thus activating the vagus nerve which will allow for inflammation to diminish and cortisol levels to drop. Essentially,  the parasympathetic nervous system will calm the sympathetic nervous system.

With proper education and training in these mediation techniques and team building exercises, harmony and productivity can flourish in the work place. Please contact about details on how we can customize trainings for you and your team!