To Learn is to Understand,

To Understand is to Practice, To Practice is to Master

By observing nature, the ancient Taoist were able to see how the body is effected by the surrounding environment.  In order to understand these subtle influences, for example,  from how living in the mountains during the fall, transitioning to winter, their perceptions had to be clear.  The same practices the ancient Taoist used are just as practical to keeping a clear mind to effectively deal with the many daily responsibilities of life.  As the poet Han Min On wrote:

“Our mind is like water in a pond
Only when still and calm it can be clear and strong
If we let external forces disturb our still and calm mind
By those things we will be controlled and beguiled.”

To live a life that is intentional, fulfilling, and joyful, it is necessary to stay balanced, to stay balanced it is essential to maintain practices that keep one centered.  These classes are designed to take these ancient techniques and apply them to modern day responsibilities.