Introduction to Taoist Meditation

Thursdays at 10am-11am

This is class will bring some basic principles of mindfulness meditation as well as utilize the ancient techniques of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Zen Buddhist meditation, and Taoist breathe work in order to maintain balance for a healthy life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

These ancient practices are designed to strengthen the body, open the mind and awaken the spirit by fortifying and improving the flow of Qi by slow, intentional movements that engage Qi mechanisms of the body. The purpose of the highest levels of practicing Tai Chi & Qi Gong is to develop conscious awareness of the primordial spirit, a difficult task that requires one to recognize and accept the artificial and fleeting nature of the ego. Each class will practice unique forms that help balance the spirit, mind and body that are influenced by nature, society and life style..  

Balance is key in maintaining a healthy life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To be balanced is to be centered, to be centered is to know one’s self, to know one’s self requires awareness at the deepest level of being. The cultivation of such awareness requires practice (like any other skill) of quieting the mind, settling emotions, and the healing of traumatic wounds.

This class will be held at Violet Owl Wellness, 62 Wall St, Asheville N.C. 28801.  Preceding classes will be every Thursday 10 – 11 am, on a sliding scale fee of $5 – $20. 



Qi Gong for Boosting the Immune System, Keep the Viral Bugs and Stress Away! 

Winter has come in full force, and with it nasty bugs and viruses.  Your first line of defense in fending off illness is your Wei Qi! Now is a perfect time to take on Qi Gong/Tai Chi practices to not only strengthen this field of Qi, but, as well to fortify your personal/emotional/spiritual well being through the onslaught of the holiday season.  For the next 4 weeks the focus of class will be to strengthen this protective field of Qi and explore the powerful mysterious depths of the Water element from which our deepest reserves of power reside.